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Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of Epibolin

by Jonathan Gravel

About Epibolin

In contrast to testosterone boosters, prohormones serve as hormone precursor. Basically, the former rely on pituitary gland’s natural stimulus, but the latter is not reliant on any stimulation. Prohormones are instead converted into hormones through metabolism through a chemical procedure. Given this, a lot of individuals think of prohormones to work more efficiently compared with testosterone enhancers.

Manufactured by MyoParma, Epibolin is a prohormone intended to be disintegrated into hormone more effectively than testosterone. In this case, it’s only righteous that we dig deeper into this supplement’s claims of effectiveness. This is to witness if this prohormone is really more effectual when it comes to boosting muscle growth results. It is also important to know whether Epibolin brings adverse reactions or not.

What are the Components?

preview-full-shutterstock_331291736 (1)Essentially, Epibolin varies from most muscle-development supplements since it does not have a component profile. It is prohormone, which means that it’s mostly reliant to its chemical compound called 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan- 17b-ol, or Epistane. This chemical compound disintegrates into desoxymethyltestosterone (DMT), which is a kind of hormone. Moreover, DMT is believed to be more anabolic, but less androgenic compared to testosterone. However, there are possible risks associated with use of DMT.

Epibolin’s Potential Risks

It is a fact that the use of DMT was prohibited by the DEA back in 2010 for the safety of the users. But since Epibolin is only a precursor to desoxymethyltestosterone, selling and intake of the product is still legitimate. On the other hand, the reason for DMT’s prohibition remains crucial in this article. A research performed in 2007 showed that prolific quantities of DMT resulted to liver and heart impairments. For this reason, Epibolin is likely to cause serious side effects as a prohormone if it has too much DMT content.

More Info on Epibolin

Production of Epibolin has already been stopped, which means it’s tough to purchase one. Aside from the difficulty acquiring it, the product can also be expensive. When we checked online, the cost of Epibolin goes from $25 to $150. Of course, the cheaper deals don’t have stocks of the product anymore, so you’re likely to pay $50 -$100 for a month’s supply of this item.

Is Epibolin Effective?

preview-full-shutterstock_125274659When it comes to its potency, a lot of users said there are positive effects associated with the use of Epibolin. The disintegration of Epistane to DMT leads to remarkable muscle growth sans the adverse reactions that testosterone enhancers typically generate. Also, Epibolin as a prohormone is possibly more effective than any other hormone products out there. Thus, Epibolin can be attractive for many simply because it works.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Regardless of its promising aspect as an efficient product for muscle development, we have to consider the fact that Epibolin can also cause serious side effects, which can threaten consumers’ health. It’s also expensive. But if you’re fine taking the risk because your priority is the results, then you can proceed with trying out this product. Generally though, it’s wiser to spare your liver from unnecessary damages and go for something that is safer and more legitimate. After all, it’s better to achieve muscle gains knowing you’re healthy from the inside out. Any physical improvements on your physique are worthless if you’re suffering from medical afflictions. Surely, there are other supplements out there that can generate positive results without threatening your health with serious side effects.

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