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Revlon Touch and Glow Review: Is it a hoax?

by Jonathan Gravel
Revlon Touch and Glow Review: Is it a hoax?

Revlon Touch and Glow Investigation

This company makes the claim that their skin care solution is revolutionary and delivers flawless complexion which is free from shine through the whole day. The post states that this cream can eliminate age spots and maintain nature’s moisture levels in skin cells.

Revlon says this Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness includes botanical properties that hinder melanin creation in skin cells.  It says this cream visibly reduces hyperpigmentation formation and vanishes age spots.

Their solution is designed with sunscreen to ensure skin is shielded from harsh UVA rays. It contains components that significantly infuse the skin with hydrating nutrients enabling, radiantly, gorgeous complexion to shine through the entire day. This is to delve into Revlon’s claims about the efficacy of the ingredients and guarantees or policies provided as assurances.

Revlon Touch and Glow Properties and Actions

Skin care solutionThe polyphenolic micronutrients of Bearberry are some of the most powerful free radical hunters in the world. They scavenge for the culprits behind oxidative stress and target cells which have already suffered damage. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines.

The entire Lotus plant offers B complex and vitamin C. These properties have the power to cleanse and purify while hydrating on a microcellular level. It brightens correcting hyperpigmentation, erasing dark spots, provides a plumping action for fine lines.

Licorice provides compounds which trigger anti-inflammatory actions, destroy bacteria that causes acne, and inhibit melanin formation through reducing tyrosinase activity.

Vitamin A is actually an entire group of retinoids that offer numerous skin benefits. It can reduce damage from the sun, if it is applied prior to exposure. Scientists have demonstrated their capacity to smooth the complexion, reduce hyperpigmentation, and reverse the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin E is one of the most popular skin care ingredients in the world. It protects the skin from losing vital moisture while actually rehydrating it. It also offers tons of free radical hunters that can shield skin cells from oxidative damage from environmental factors including the sun.

Pro-vitamin B5 triggers many natural abilities of skin cells such as reducing inflammation, cellular healing functions, and can assist the skin in it absorption capacity.

Revlon Touch and Glow Assets and Deficits

Revlon Touch and Glow Properties

Revlon Touch and Glow Assets

There are scientific studies concerning the individual compounds in this product.

This cream falls to the cheaper side of the price line.

There is excellent consumer feedback this skin lightener.

A sun protectant is included in Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream.

Revlon Touch and Glow Deficits

No studies involving the post market product are available.

The user reviews for this formula are nearly non-existent.

Revlon provides no clear info concerning any type of refund.


For $10 to $15, consumers may buy a 40g tube of this lightening cream. It can be purchased through amazon.com or a number of other beauty care websites

Last Vote

Though every compound in this cream has scientific evidence for efficacy; there is none for the end cream. There are positive user experiences for its use; however, the number of any feedback posts is lacking. There are better purchase options available to consumers.

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