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Skipping Rope Ain’t just for Girls: It’s a Sick Exercise! 

by Jonathan Gravel
kipping Rope Ain’t just for Girls: It’s a Sick Exercise!

When it comes to doing cardio and other exercises to lose weight, you usually tend to focus on the more common ones like hopping on the bike or jumping on the treadmill and going for 10 miles before heading back home.

This is definitely a solid cardio workout, and you’ll definitely lose weight after doing so for at least 30 minutes. But what if there was a workout out there that offered even greater results for losing weight, and was actually pretty fun at the same time? You’d ditch your silly bike in a heartbeat!

Yes, I’m talking about skipping rope. Not only is it fun and challenging, but you’re able to do it just about anywhere. Don’t feel like going to the gym or running around all over the place? Just go in your backyard, bust out the small rope, and start swinging.

30 Minutes of Skipping Rope Burns Up to 400 Calories

Those numbers depend on how hard you’re actually skipping the rope, but on average, you’ll burn about 400 calories with medium intensity skipping. This is 50 more than the treadmill and about 200 more than the bike. Amazing numbers, right?

On top of that, because you’re using a lot of your calf muscles and some thigh muscles from the jumping up and down, you’re getting a slightly modified leg workout at the same time. This essentially doubles the amount of calories you’re burning away.

Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Jump Ropes Cost $10 or Less

The average price of a gym membership is $400 per year, and could go even higher with the more luxurious gyms. For just $10, you can get all the working out you need right with a piece of rope.

Plus, you don’t have to leave your house to do this. Raining? Sit in your living room and do it. At the gym, you’d have to drive around in the rain, get soaked, and then stand around for an hour being all wet and uncomfortable.

Nice day out? Sit in the backyard and work out. It’ll give you a chance to reflect on your day while getting a good pump in.

After a Few Weeks, You’ll Be Down 20 Pounds

With regular usage of your new cardio device, you’ll easily lose up to 20 pounds of fat, depending on your level of effort.

As you can see, this is obviously the best cardio exercise, and it’s because I said so!

So get out there and skip rope until your life actually does depend on it.

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