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SNC Labs Viagen XL Review: Are the claims true?

by Jonathan Gravel
SNC Labs Viagen XL Review: Are the claims true?

SNC Labs Viagen XL Outline

SNC Labs is the creator of Viagen XL and they say it was produced to enhance testosterone levels. The company say it is the fountain of youth in a bottle. The formula is for people who are in prime time, but are starting to feel the wear on their vigor.

The supplement is supposed to increase testosterone and invigorate the sluggish body. They claim that it will blow endurance limits out of the water and bring more stamina to the game. Viagen XL is also supposed to stimulate energy levels in the bedroom or at the gym.

The makers state that their supplement is not only the most effective to be found but is all-natural and 100% safe. Their ace in the hole is a 14 ingredient, libido boosting blend.

SNC Labs Viagen XL Ingredients and Actions

SNC Labs Viagen XL IngredientsNiacin, also known as B3, enhances penile circulation and stimulates anti-inflammatory actions. Two of the biggest causes of ED are limited circulation and inflammation. B3 also supports smooth muscle relaxation and activates testosterone production.

Catuaba bark comes from a tree that grows indigenously in Brazil. It helps users build high levels of stamina and provides intense fuel for energy. It renews the health of the nervous system and amplifies sexual performance.

Vitamin B6 shifts gears for the libido and intensifies sexual desire. It has also been shown to raise sperm count. This one nutrient oversees carb conversion to increase energy levels.

One important amino acid is known as D-Aspartic Acid and it has an integral part in the synthesis of key hormones and sperm development. Scientists say it has been shown to magnify the human growth hormone and strengthen testosterone production.

The phenolic compound Trans-Resveratrol promotes free testosterone production while simultaneously inhibiting estrogen. It is said to decreases the amount of recovery time required for the next round.

Oat Straw, labeled as Avena Sativa in this formula, is known for its hormone regulating abilities. It enhances production of certain luteinizing hormones which includes testosterone. Oat Straw has been used in holistic medicine for numerous years. Two main reasons are that it assists in heightening sensitivity in the genital area and kicks the libido into high gear.

SNC Labs Viagen XL Dosing

The company tells uses to consume 3 pills with food at night or as many as 6 just before engaging in physical activity.

SNC Labs Viagen XL Advantages and Disadvantages

Boost the libido

SNC Labs Viagen XL Advantages

Orders include a return policy effective for 90 days.

The company accepts one opened container for refunds.

The SNC Labs webpage offers multi-purchase coupons.

The components in this supplement have been scientifically validated.

SNC Labs Viagen XL Disadvantages

The end formula has not been studied in clinical trials.

Consumer feedback for this supplement are truly lacking.

SNC Labs Viagen XL not broadlyobtainable.

SNC Labs Viagen XL Order Spot

Folks can buy this supplement from the manufacturer’s webpage and on Amazon. On the official page it costsabout $40 for a 30-day supply; is priced around $70 for a 60-day supply; and costs approximately $100 for a 90-day supply.

SNC Labs Viagen XL End Vote

This formula is not a wise purchase as the minute amount of feedback for it is very negative.

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