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Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Review: Is it the real deal?

by Jonathan Gravel
Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Review: Is it the real deal?


Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm InquirySkin care product

The blemishes and signs of aging skin are difficult to battle.Most skin care products on the market exacerbate the process. Solvaderm manufactures a skin care product which they say can combat acne; reduce dark marks; and smooth the lines sneaking across facial areas.The product is called Professional Strength Rejuvoderm and is said to be capable of living up to their reputation. They have been designed it to hydrate dry regions and rejuvenate tired skin. The extracts in the formulas for the Rejuvoderm are advertised as specifically formulated renew the elasticity frequently occurs during the aging process.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Properties and Functions

Lavender oil, also called Lavandula Angustifolia, is an agent which offers anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. It promotes the Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Propertieshealing process to address many skin issues; lessen inflammation; and protect against bacteria that cause blemishes.

Alpha hydroxy acids are obtained from fruit and milk sugars to be addedto loads of skin care and medicinal products. The remove the cells that have been damaged efficiently polishing the skin allowing glowing, fresh skin to rise to the surface.

Alpha hydroxy acids in the form of glycolic acid are commonly added to many of these formulas as well. They eliminate damaged skin cells to refine and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.

Beta hydroxy acid are derivatives of salicylic acid. They too are another commonly used as skin care compounds. These potent properties purify on a cellular level and smooth away skin cells that are damaged.

Lactic Acid is yet one more form of alpha hydroxy acid in this recipe. This one is acquired from fruit to improve collagen production; boost cell renewal; and enhance elasticity.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Usage

Customers are directed to cleanse the face with this product once a day.

Precaution: The hydroxy acids in this product amplify the sun’s rays.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Credits and Debits

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Credits

The compounds in this product are backed by scientific research.

The manufacturer provides a 60-day refund policy.

The cleanser is advertised as being non-greasy.

The Solvaderm line has many wonderful consumer reviews.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Debits

Consumers must request an authorization number to ask for reimbursement.

This cleanser can exacerbate sun damage.

Solvaderm does not honor returns of opened packages.

Customer feedback is scarce for this particular product.

This is an expensive line of skin care solutions.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm Purchase Spot

A wide selection of skin care webpages and the original business page carry Rejuvoderm. It is $65 for a 4-ounce container.

Solvaderm Professional Strength Rejuvoderm End Note

Solvaderm has tons of praise from consumers across the web; however, not many have been posted for this one product. It honors a 60-day return, but this does not apply to opened packages. Consumers who actually use the product, but are not happy with it cannot get a refund. This seems like an absurdity and is not at all an advisable skin care solution purchase.

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