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Supersized Entitlement: Understanding the Obesity Crisis in America

by Jonathan Gravel
Supersized Entitlement: Understanding the Obesity Crisis in America

Obesity is one of the biggest health crises encountered today in 21st century America. This crisis is a reflection of a major shift in our cultural norms and ideals. Previous generations ate home cooked meals and generally maintained a somewhat active lifestyle. Today people are still actively on the go and always busy yet the changing times has led to decreased rather than improved health. Busy and on the go now equates to sitting in your car while ordering fast food, yet again. People fail to prioritize nutrition over the hectic busyness of 21st century America. Yet of far greater impact is the alarming fact that few people are aware of this massive cultural lifestyle change.

The Evolving Hamburger

Highly processed fast food cooperation’s continue to increase meal size options and offer the additional calories with the perk of added overall savings. The New York Times wrote an article back in 2012 which gave shocking insights into the evolution of size portions. Statistics used in their article were gathered by the Center for Disease Control and provide frightening details. The average size of a fast food hamburger has tripled in the last sixty years. In 1950, the average fast food hamburger only weighed 3.9 ounces in contrast to weighing 12 ounces today. One fast food hamburger today is on average 3/4th of a pound! This is beyond alarming in light of the dramatic increase seen in obesity. Healthy foods and moderate sized portions are no longer viewed as a normal everyday diet. Obesity is not merely a problematic physical vanity issue. Obesity is a serious health condition proven to cause: cancer, diabetes, gallbladder disease and gallstones, heart disease and strokes, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis.

How Do We Combat this Crisis?

It would stand to reason that the pharmaceutical industry would develop medications to combat this issue. However, there is major void within the pharmaceutical industry in regards to weight loss medications. Wide speculation exists that this void is caused to unethical business practices prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical manufactures profit greatly by the obesity crises. There is far more money to be made from poor health in the greater population. Obesity causes numerous health conditions and the treatment methods often require prescription medication.

Do Natural Weight Loss Supplements Offer Any Solution?

Natural weight loss supplements are starting to become a major industry. Yet are these supplements effective for increasing weight loss and helping this crisis? The short answer is that these supplements do not provide a magic cure for obesity. However these supplements do help aid weight loss if used alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. Successful and permanent weight loss requires good nutrition and physical exercises. Weight loss supplements are best viewed as an additional source of essential nutrients needed for both a healthy body and losing weight. The natural weight loss supplement industry does offer needed additional weight loss help IF used alongside a healthy lifestyle.

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