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The Father is Pregnant Too

by Grace Sianna
couple holding hands against pregnant belly

        A woman’s body is a beautiful thing while pregnant. Think about it, she’s carrying a life for nine months and enabling the future of another human being. However, life cannot be created without sperm. More often than not, a man helps his lover, partner, or wife conceive a child. This child has the opportunity to become a president, actor, sports player, or even the next CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

        A child is born like a blank canvas, as children grow older the parents help draw the outline of the potential future world leaders and give them the necessities to color in that outline with their own colors. Characteristics, traditions, and even morals/rules in a household are what help to shape children everywhere. No child is the same and takes on the actions of those around them.

        Just like the child taking on the characteristics as their parents, the fetus is known to connect with its surroundings. Developing senses and a personality before it is even born makes you question the ability of how strong love and feelings really shape a person. Being able to feel a sense of comfort by the sound of their mother’s voice, or the sensation of a loving touch, or even the similarities of sounds and feelings of favorites. While the mother takes on the role of eating for two, caring for two, and worrying for two, many don’t know that throughout the role of a pregnancy…THE FATHER IS PREGNANT TOO.

dad feeling the baby in the womb        Many men who are well settled in life and excited or even nervous about the arrival of their offspring often take on the symptoms of a pregnant woman. Couvade Syndrome, more often referred to as exactly what the symptoms describe. A sympathetic pregnancy, by no means making up for the discomfort and pain of labor but soon to be fathers are known to carry on the symptoms of their pregnant wives while nursing for the mother to be. Weight gain, trouble sleeping, mood swings and changes, and even morning sickness are all symptoms of Couvade Syndrome. Instead of panicking or even worrying about the arrival of the new life, many men settle with the belief that taking on the roles of our partners are what is easier to manage.

        Men will deny the fact that they’re turning into their partner with bringing a new life into the world. The expected mother usually gets a kick out of the expected father experiencing weight gain, cravings, and mood swings; Prime example of being a product of your environment. Although the weight gain and hormone levels are reversible, the laughs and amusement will be remembered for a lifetime.

        It is stressful for men to worry about bringing a life into this world. Depending on their past with their parents and family, worrying is something that is sadly apart of life. Guys shouldn’t focus on the bad, the things they have been through, or the issues around them.  Whether it be financial concerns or even mental concerns, you will be your own parent. You are in control of raising your kids the way you want them to be raised. Here are a few ways for men to prepare to be a father, in their own way.

Never too much preparation!

The preparation of having a child is never too much. If you see cases of water on sale or boxes of diapers on sale, buy them! Diapers and water go fast so make sure to grab some every time you are shopping in a store. One of the biggest mistake parents make is not buying simple over the counter medicines for a time when your baby has a fever or a rash and you have no ointments or medicines to offer.

Before the child arrives, make sure that you have a hospital bag packed for the baby and the mother-to-be before the moment arrives. When a mother goes into labor there is an endless amount of questions and concerns running through a father’s head. Make it easy for yourself and plan ahead.

While you are planning ahead, clarify which hospital you are having your child in and make sure all cost are covered by your insurance. If by chance you aren’t covered, you will be prepared to have those cost covered before the labor and delivery time arrives.

Car Seat

Do your research. Find the best child seat for your vehicle and make sure to have the car seat available months in advance. There are many children born earlier than expected so the sooner you get the preparations handle, the better.

Change Your Mental

man who holding pregnant wifeHaving a child is based on one important skill, patience. If you are an impatient person you can guarantee it is a 50/50 chance that your child is going to be just like you. Newborns and children require a lot of time and attention, with that in mind, please set aside time to love and nurture them.

Organizing for a baby is simple. Having a child is a beautiful and exciting thing that requires you to be able to understand that many things cannot be planned. Knowing when your child will talk, walk, or need you most are some of these kinds of thing.

The Mother of Your Child

The mother of your child deserves rest. Having a beautiful new baby is a powerful and exciting addiction to the family. However it takes a strain on a woman’s body and after enduring such pain and discomfort, the mother of your baby needs to take time so that her body can heal. A mother can take a minimum of eight weeks to begin to feel normal again so be patient. Make sure to help out as much as possible once your child is born. A father is always needed, just because the child doesn’t physically come from a man, a newborn growing into whatever it aspires to be, deserves an environment of loving and caring family that supports it each other.

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