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Top 8 Erogenous Zones in a Woman’s Body That are Key to Her Arousal

by Grace Sianna
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In intimate moments, the easiest way to kill the mood is by kissing your partner in the wrong places. The art of erotic touch requires you to aim for the right spots. Doing this decreases the time it takes to arouse her. It also doesn’t give her the time to have second thoughts whether it’s the right time to get kinky or not. If you touch the wrong spot, she may have time to say ‘not now dear, I have to clean the bathroom.’ But she’s likely to encourage you to go on once you hit the spot that arouses her the most.

A woman’s body is full of heightened sensitive parts that touching these areas can stimulate and elicit a sexual response. These are the erogenous zones that are keys to achieving sexual fantasies while ensuring that the big O is on the way.

It’s up to you to explore these areas either with the use of your hands or mouth. A light kiss or a gentle touch on these spots can give her chills that she can’t resist or surprise her with an instant orgasm.

You might have already found her sexually sensitive parts but there may be some that still need to be explored. The list below will guide your explorations and adventures:

1. Lips

The lips are on top of the list because, well, women are more romantically inclined. It would be disrespect if you ignore her face and aim directly for her neck, her breasts, or way down below. You might have kissed your partner a thousand times, but have you ever asked yourself if you were a good kisser?

Being a good kisser means you’re able to excite her and make her want some more. A kiss is necessary to create a connection. A good kiss goes a long way compared to a kiss that’s bereft of passion. A passionate kiss is essential to deepen intimacy that will lead to good sex.

If you want to initiate sex with a kiss, slightly move your tongue to open her mouth and have tongue kissing. The exchange of saliva increases the level of intimacy and sexual arousal.

Another tip: before you give her a sex-initiating kiss, make sure you’ve shaven. Your mustache or beard may cause her some discomfort and ruin everything.

2. Ears

kisses on the neck and earsIf you ignore the ears thinking it has little to do with arousal, you’re greatly wrong. Experts revealed that the ear is one of the sexual hot spots both for men and women. The ear contains lots of nerve endings that make it an incredibly sensitive organ.

You can suck your partner’s earlobe or kiss behind her ear. Not only that. You can enhance the experience by softly whispering sweet nothings to her ear. Whispering the right words stimulates her brain to make her more erotic.

Sexologist Steve McGough suggests employing ear massage to stimulate her further. Ear massage is sexually stimulating because the insides of the ear are connected to the vagus nerve, which travels downward through the heart, nipples, and genitals. The vagus nerve has also been linked with female orgasm.

To massage her ear, use your thumb and pointing finger. Start massaging her earlobes in a circular motion, slowly going around the outer backside from the base up to the top. Continue to gently massage the top of the ear and over to the front. Give special attention to the ridge.

3. Neck

Women can get goosebumps when kissed on their necks. Neck kisses feel so good because the neck is a sensitive area where lots of nerve endings are found.

Kissing this part deepens the intimacy while building anticipation of what to come next. You can tease her by nibbling her neck, licking it, or giving it a gentle blow. Slow, sensual and wet kisses on the nape are totally stimulating as well.

4. Back

Your partner’s back is another erogenous area that you need to explore. Kissing her nape down the curve of her back without actually touching your lips on the skin can create a chill down her spine. She’s likely to cling to you tightly as the kiss may cause her skin to break into goosebumps.

5. Breasts

The breast area is where lots of action takes place. This is because the breast is the second most sensitive part of the female body. Even without touching her genitals, kissing her breasts alone can make her orgasm, especially when you gently suck her nipples.

While some women respond positively to hard sucking, some find it unnerving. To ensure you’re doing the right thing, ask her how to do it in a way that is more pleasurable for her.

6. Stomach

kisses on the bellyThis one is uncommon but is a woman’s erogenous zone, particularly the area between the belly button and pelvis. The right touch and the right kiss in this area are enough to stimulate her G-spot, which is a little bit below.

Also, kissing this region while moving downward can heighten anticipation, especially when you reach the pubic mound right above the vagina.

7. Inner thighs

The inner thigh is not only sexy but it’s also sensitive to the touch and kisses. It’s an erogenous zone that makes women more sexually responsive when touched or kissed in this area.

Begin kissing her toes and slowly work your way up to build anticipation. Or you may want to start in the middle of the thigh, giving it light and dry kisses. As you move upward, you may want to increase the intensity of the kiss, giving her longer and wetter kisses.

8. Vagina

The vagina is the ultimate goal and where a woman can release her erotic and sexual side. If you are the skillful lover, her vagina is already anticipating for you to enter her. A good foreplay never fails to arouse a woman and makes her orgasm even before her vagina is being touched or kissed.

But if you want to increase the intensity of the moment, you can tease her more by giving light kisses on the sides of her vagina. Gently work on her outer lips until you reach the inner lips. Playing your tongue on her clitoris will certainly drive her wild.

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