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Top Secrets on How to Make a Woman Orgasm Every time

by Ken McBride
some medications can be affect your sexual functions

How did it feel? Did you get to finish? That’s a wrong message to ask, and if you have to ask that, then we sorry to break it to you, but she probably didn’t have any single orgasm.

This is mostly true if your sex lasted for just barely a few seconds above five minutes. According to research, it takes an average woman, about twice that time to reach orgasm. And it’s also worth noting that the majority of women do not cum from just penetration, you may need to get your fingers busy too – clitoris stimulation. All of this is the reason why there is a term known as the “orgasm gap”, where it is observed that men have more orgasms than women.

Now that we have brought all of these facts to your table, you are probably wondering how to make sure your woman gets an orgasm during sex, well it’s time to step up your sex skills. Because you can’t stay focused on a particular style and expect to see massive results, it doesn’t work that way.

The first step to making sure a woman reaches orgasm is to make sure that she is fully relaxed. Because for a woman to have an orgasm, the section of her brain responsible for stress vibes needs to be shut down. And you should know that telling her how badly you want her to cum, might add a bit more pressure as well, so you might want to skip that next time.

Of course, no two women are the same, what works for one, may not work for another. However, there are few secrets you need to know if you are finding it hard to get your woman to the finish line.

Don’t Be In A Haste To Get Her To Orgasm

kisses on the belly

The main aim of having sex is to feel pleasure, right? And orgasm is a type of pleasure that is significantly short-experienced.

While having sex, you should try to make her feel good, and stay focused on doing just that, and you might get her to orgasm faster.

That’s why experts are of the notion that you should try slowing things down and pay more attention to your movements. Because ironically, if your partner senses that the goal is to make her orgasm, it might make her less likely to do so. So, you need to change the focus to making her feel her best.

Familiarize Yourself With Her Clitoris

Firstly, the majority of women do not get an orgasm from just penetration; clitoris stimulation has to come into the game. A study carried out in 2017, showed that just 17% of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration, and your woman most likely might not be among that statistics. When having sex, you might want to spend as much time as you can stimulate the clitoris while simultaneously penetrating.

There are sex positions that make it easier to do this. You can try out the missionary position, so for every time, you thrust, your penis gets to rub her clitoris. This sex position is more beneficial if her legs are together, while you straddle her.

Don’t Stop Kissing Her

Once you get into the feeling, it might seem useless to keep kissing her, but don’t. Kissing her deeply is one of the secrets to getting her to orgasm, so don’t miss out on that. Research has stated that women are more likely to orgasm when there is a combination of clitoris stimulation, oral sex, and deep kissing.

Don’t Dismiss Her Fantasies

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If you are unaware, you can ask her of any fantasies she has, and if they are well within your capabilities, then indulge her. Fantasies are a great way to increase the likelihood of her getting an orgasm. When you find a fantasy that turns your partner on, it’s a major plus to take her over the edge during sex. Plus, it can even get her psychologically aroused, which in some scenarios is a better option than physical arousal.

Use A Lube

Regardless of how into the moment you both are if there isn’t enough wetness, then it can become quite painful for her. It’s almost impossible to get a woman to orgasm if the sex is uncomfortable or painful for her.

Lubrication would help fasten the speed at which you penetrate and rub against the clitoris. However, some women don’t get wet, no matter how turned on they are. In cases like this, using a lubricant is a necessity, or it would be impossible to get her to orgasm.

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