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Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner – Does it function?

by Jonathan Gravel
Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme Fat Burner – Does it function?

Are you baffled by the number of options when it comes to picking out a supplement? Do you find it to be a bit of a nightmare trying to understand all the different ingredients to try and figure which one is going to be the best for the goals you have set yourself?

Don’t worry! We gathered our information and created reviews to save you the hassle of trying to research which product does what.

With our extensive knowledge of natural herbs, remedies, ingredients and their effects we can provide you with the facts about supplements.

The product:

The dietary supplement Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme claims to assist in helping you to lose weight and burn fat by using natural herbs that will increase energy levels to optimise your workout regime.

Recently, the product was rereleased after having to be modified into a new and improved formula that no longer contains Ephedra. This controversial substance is now banned by the FDA after it was reported that people were suffering major health issues after consuming.

Without Ephedra, in the mix which has also been linked to a number of deaths, the company hopes to still be able to achieve the same effects but safely.

The ingredients:

ripped fuel-ingredients-cayenne fruitUsing a blend of natural herbs such as: green tea leaf, caffeine, cayenne fruit, cocoa seed and L-carnitine, you are sure to feel a boost in your energy as a result of taking this supplement.

However, the caffeine content is pretty high at 220 mg, (when the recommended daily maximum is 400 mg), so be careful of consuming any other products that contain caffeine.


When you spend $39.95 you will receive two bottles which each contain sixty capsules. 120 capsules is a two month supply when you need to take two capsules per day.

To conclude:

ripped fuel-purpose-burn fatAlthough this formula works well, it still contains caffeine. There are other products available that are stimulant-free and work just the same or even better! Supplements like Flat Belly and Garcinia X are perfect examples.

Because both of these products use only blends of organic extracts, probiotics, minerals, vitamins and nutrients you are not putting yourself at risk of experiencing any unwanted side effects. These components allow the supplement to do its job without interfering with the natural system of the body. They are 100% safe to digest and are friendly when suppressing the appetite.

Flat Belly has been tested and proven to improve gastrointestinal health.

Whichever you chose, each of these two stimulant free supplements are guaranteed to help you accomplish weight loss as they are both carefully designed to prevent fatty build-up. Because of the potent herbs installed into their capsules you will feel the benefits of these enhancements right away.

Each bottle costs an affordable $19.95 and so if you were to buy one of each you could try two formulas to see which one you prefer. It would spending the same amount for the deal with Twinlab Ripped Fuel only you wouldn’t be stuck with two bottles of the same product and you wouldn’t be adding unnecessary caffeine to your daily diet!

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