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UltraCore CEO Debunks Supplement Myths

by Ken McBride

On the web, you’ll read a lot of conflicting statements about health supplements and what they really do to the body. In this article, we sought the help of UltraCore Supplements’ CEO and founder, to finally put an end to the endless myths about supplements circulating the web today. We asked him about some of the most controversial myths we have come across online:

Q: Is it true that most supplements are just the same?

CEO: That’s absolutely true – for most supplements. You see, not every supplement company has an in-house research and development branch that helps them create their own supplement formula. For the most part, supplements are re-branded and sold for a higher price to the consumer. That means, you might be paying 5 to 10 times the actual worth of the supplements, but that’s not the case with UltraCore Supplements. We formulate our supplements from scratch. We have the best R&D guys in the business who helps us create some really fascinating supplements that no other brand in the world offers. That’s also how we got Male UltraCore to be the #1 testosterone supplement in the market because we offer something that no other brand offers.

UltraCore CEO Debunks Supplement Myths

Q: Is it true that the excess nutrients from supplements are just excreted by the body?

CEO: That’s a misconception. It’s all about what the body can absorb, versus what is considered excessive, or over-dosing. The body can only absorb a finite amount of nutrients, and these are based on various factors. If the body cannot absorb the nutrients, then obviously the body excretes it as waste. So, for many low-quality supplements, you end up with a really expensive trip to the bathroom in most cases, but it’s different for high-quality supplements. We studied how much the body can absorb, and we included ingredients that can help the body absorb more nutrients. This helps you maximize the nutrients that your body can absorb, and this obviously gives you better results.

Q: What can you say about those who say that testosterone supplements are fake?

CEO: Well, I can’t blame them. For years, we’ve had one bad supplement after another, and many Americans have spent thousands of dollars on supplements that failed to produce their promised results. There’s an insane demand for testosterone supplements that even when bad products filled the market, people were still buying those pills. We decided on creating a truly effective testosterone supplement in Male UltraCore to give the consumers exactly what they wanted. We gave them the kind of supplement that exceeds their expectations, and that’s why Male UltraCore is now #1.

Q: is it true that free trials are scams?

CEO: For the most part, yes. Most people fail to read the fine print when signing up for free trials. What some companies do is they only ask for the customers to pay for shipping, and once they have their customers’ details and credit card information, they are free to charge the customer periodically. Legally, customers have the responsibility to read the fine print, but this is severely abused by companies that use free trials to bait their customers into signing up for their monthly charges. In our case, Male UltraCore is a subscription-based product, but we make sure to inform our customers that Male UltraCore is a subscription-based product, so everyone is aware of the monthly charges.

Q: A follow-up question – Why is Male UltraCore offered as a subscription-based product?

CEO: Great question. The way we see it, it’s no different from companies that offer discounts on bulk purchases. The only difference with us is that we offer discounts on a monthly charge. We figured that no one would want to have a cupboard full of supplements that they won’t be using for months, and it helps to keep up the quality of our product when we send a fresh batch to our customers every month. This way, customers do not have to pay a huge sum upfront, they get fresh supplements every month, and that’s on top of having the best-in-class supplement for a very affordable price.

UltraCore CEO Debunks Supplement Myths

Q: Is it true that supplements are not FDA approved?

CEO: Yes. It’s absolutely true. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the same way the FDA regulates prescription medication. Dietary supplements are considered as a part of a person’s diet, and as such, supplement products need to follow a very specific set of rules set by the FDA. This means that supplements cannot be tainted with drugs, and it needs to be natural. Almost all supplements have ingredients that are derived from natural sources, and this helps focus the formula into giving the customers the results they want. Male UltraCore isn’t FDA-approved, but it certainly is FDA-compliant in every way possible, unlike many other testosterone and performance-enhancing supplements that were found to be tainted with drugs to trick the customers into believing that they are getting results. The FDA regularly bans non-compliant supplements, and they even have a sort of a wall of shame for these products.

Q: Is it true that there are FAKE supplements out there?

CEO: Oh, absolutely. Every successful product is a target for counterfeiters, and the supplement industry is no exception. That’s also one of the reasons why we distribute our supplements exclusively online, so we can guarantee our customers that they are getting a 100% genuine supplement. We have official distribution channels on our websites, Amazon, eBay, and we’re getting our products to other online marketplaces too. Fake supplements are far too dangerous, and we can’t have our customers buying the wrong thing online.

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