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Use the MFR Technique for Greater Fitness

by Jonathan Gravel

The MFR technique is one that you should use for greater fitness. If you have never heard of this technique it is also called the Multiply, Flex and Recovering technique. From this point forward in this article, it will be referred to as the MFR technique. When trying to get ripped muscles, you need to make the best out of any work out session you have. The MFR technique is helpful for doing just that. The great part about this technique is that it only includes three steps. There are no confusing aspects of this technique. You are going to build strong muscles. You will spend time loosening up and relaxing your muscles and you will be recovering your muscles as well. This is a process that can’t be messed up as long as you continue doing it. Find out more about the MFR technique right here!


preview-full-shutterstock_233876893The multiplying aspect of the MFR technique is when you are working out your muscles. Building strong muscles takes time and work. You need to lift weights, do muscle building exercises and take muscle building supplements like Testosterone Booster. All of these things are going to help you accomplish the multiplying aspect of this technique. So, where does the actual multiplying come into play? It all starts when you multiply the amount of weight you lift. Now, don’t get ahead of yourself and lift more before your body can handle it. Stick to lifting the same number of pounds for a few weeks until you feel you are ready to lift more. Once you are, multiply the amount you were lifting. The number you multiply by should be consistent each time you increase. You may want start by multiplying the number you lifted by 1.5. For example, if you were lifting 20 lbs., start lifting 30 lbs. the next time. After that, take it to the next step and go from 30 lbs. to 45 lbs. Keep multiplying by that 1.5 when you are ready to do more.


The next step in the MFR technique is the flexing. In addition to working out and building your strong muscles, you need to be flexing them as well. This is a very important part of the work out process. If you don’t flex your muscles, you may get tense and end up tearing them during your next work out session. If your muscles are already tense or tight, be sure that you spend more time flexing them before and after your work outs to get them loose again. Also, remember not to just flex the muscles that are already tight. You should flex each muscle group before and after your work outs. Doing that is going to help speed up the recovering process.


preview-full-musleThe final aspect of the MFR technique is the recovering part. This is when you allow your body some time to rest after you have worked out. If you have just gotten done with lifting weights or doing another tough work out session, you must give your body time to recover. After an intense work out session for certain muscle groups, generally you should give that muscle group about 2 to 3 days to recover before working it out again. You can work other muscle groups on the off-days. Just remember to follow that same 2 to 3 day rule for each muscle group. On your recovery time you should still keep your body moving so you don’t get tense again. To do that, you can do light exercises, walking, yoga and other stretches. This helps your body to stay flexible for the following days’ workouts.

Now that you know more about the MFR technique, you can use it for any work out program you are following through with. Multiplying your muscles is all about getting them big and strong but having patience while you do so. Flexing your muscles is about protecting yourself from injuries during and after working out. Recovering is about giving your muscles a break. Get going with the MFR technique during your workout program starting today!

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