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Do You Want to Impress a Woman? Talk to Her the Right Way

by Jonathan Gravel

If there is a woman you have your eye on, you need to talk to her the right way if you want to impress her. There may seem like a million things to say but you don’t want to mess things up. With some tips, you can talk to her like a wonder man and you will certainly impress her. If you take Xtreme Testosterone supplements that may help you to boost your confidence so you have even more motivation to talk to her.

Tell Her You Are Interested

asdafa (3)One of the first mistakes many men make is they sit around and wait when they are interested in a woman. Stop doing that. Go and tell her that you are interested in her. That is the first step. Even if she doesn’t say she will go out with you right away, at least she knows you are interested which reduces her chances of going out with another guy. She isn’t going to start thinking about you more until she knows you are interested.

Glance at Her

Sometimes staring can help you to impress a woman. Let her know you are looking at her. Show her a sexy look and glance over her way. When she glances back at you, give her a small smile and look away. If you ever catch her smiling at you, you know she has a bit of interest as well. This is a tease a bit but glancing at her will certainly show her you are interested.

Don’t Use Pick-Up Lines

There are too many men who have used pick-up lines on woman. Do not be one of those guys. You don’t need to be cheesy or cocky. You can just be yourself. Find a time when you can be standing next to the woman you are interested in and use that as a chance to spark up conversation. Never walk up to her with a bad pick-up line.

Don’t Be Overly Strong

giftWhen you approach a woman, don’t be overly strong. Once you are talking to a woman that is the start you need. After you have sparked that first conversation, you can do a couple things. You can tell her who you are right away. You can also keep talking a bit more before introducing yourself. You can be sweet. Let her know you have been thinking about her and see how she responds. Tell her you just love her eyes or something else sweet but don’t go full-on rage and tell her you are obsessed or anything that strong.

Let Her Have Space

One of the other mistakes that too many men make when they are interested in a woman is that they don’t give her enough space. They start talking with her and then they keep trying to push the issue. Never, ever corner a woman in any place. Make sure she always feels in control, especially when you are first meeting with her. Make sure she feels comfortable talking with you. You want to warm her up to you. When she realizes that you aren’t trying to push her into a decision, that will more than likely impress her.

Bring Her Something Small

If you are going on a first date with a woman because you landed that first couple conversations, it is time to bring her something small. Don’t go overboard, no matter how much money you have. Woman don’t want to feel as if they are being forced into something. Also, it could seem like you are trying to buy her to like you if you get her something big or expensive. If you want to spend a lot, take her to a fancy restaurant. Some examples of things to bring her on that first date are one single rose, a flower for her hair or even a sweet poem you wrote about when you first saw her.

These are some ways that you can impress a woman. When you first talk to her, you need to get it right. You don’t want to come off cocky or too strong. However, you do want to let her know you are interested. It may seem complicated but if you don’t try so hard, you should do just fine.



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