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Want to Perform Better Between the Sheets? Ditch the Alcohol

by Ken McBride

It’s all happened to us — drink a bit of liquid confidence by way of a beer or a shot of whiskey, and your performance anxiety seems to subside. Anyone who’s turned into Casanova after throwing down mighty with some drinks knows that. Some have credited their performance to alcohol. But is it really a beneficial addition — if not social lubricant — to your sex life?

Well, we’re about to burst some bubbles by saying the opposite: alcohol actually diminishes your performance the higher your blood alcohol level rises. 

Alcohol, in essence, is a depressant — therefore, too much of it will reduce your libido, kill your mood, and make it nearly impossible for men to get full, thick erections or last long enough to satisfy. Too many drinks hanging off your dick leading to an inability to get it hard is peak erectile dysfunction, if only temporary.

We already know that moderation is vital. But the definition can differ between individuals. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the definition of moderate drinking is no more than two alcoholic drinks per day. This is because the liver metabolizes one serving of alcohol in an hour, so drinking more than your liver can metabolize means toxins can build up in your organs — including your peen. Hence the term “whiskey dick.”

Here’s how hitting the booze can mess up your sex life.

5 Ways Alcohol Consumption Can Do a Number on Your Sex Life

Want to Perform Better Between the Sheets? Ditch the Alcohol

Here are five good reasons not to hit the booze before a big night between the sheets. 

  • Acute erectile dysfunction. It’s confirmed by science — too much alcohol messes up your brain and your penile performance. According to a study conducted by the University of Washington, intoxicated men found it harder to get wood, so to speak, than their sober counterparts did. Pre-gaming on booze impedes blood flow to your penis, making your orgasms less intense and seriously affect your level of pleasure and satisfaction. This means that sex might not nearly be as enjoyable as it would be when you’ve got those drinks minus the alcohol.
  • Chronic erectile dysfunction. Long-term heavy alcohol consumption increases the risk of contracting long-term erectile dysfunction. According to a study, alcohol-dependent men had up to a 70% chance of having erectile problems, premature ejaculation, and the loss of libido.
  • Affected personal relationships. Based on the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), alcohol overconsumption beyond moderate drinking is linked to personal relationship problems, conflict, economic hardship, and separation. 
  • Smoking and drinking don’t mix well. Invariably, some drinkers smoke, and if you do, you’re just worsening your chances of contracting erectile dysfunction. That’s because smoking is the most significant cause of erectile dysfunction for men under 40. The more you smoke, the worse it gets — studies show men who smoke more than half a pack a day (10 cigarettes) are at increased erectile dysfunction risk.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). If that’s not reason enough for you to lay off the alcohol, this one might. Exposure to a sexually transmitted disease (STD) increases because almost 50% of unplanned sexual encounters involve alcohol. Worse, 60% of STDs are transferred when alcohol is brought into the equation. This is particularly concerning for young adults that use alcohol because they are seven times more likely to engage in unprotected sex.

Less alcohol is always better — if you have to

Want to Perform Better Between the Sheets? Ditch the Alcohol

Granted, alcohol does have a relaxing effect, and its euphoric buzz is what made it humankind’s most favorite drink since history was recorded. Alcohol, in moderation, might actually be good for your heart and blood flow — in moderation — but it’s important to remember that alcohol consumption and sex can be hard to juggle. If you have to drink, then drink moderately.

That said, if you’ve experienced diminishing libido, premature ejaculation, personal problems, or ED because of alcohol consumption and engaging in sex, alcohol might be to blame.

Using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs may lead to chronic erectile dysfunction. In addition, men struggling with alcohol or other similar addictions may develop long-term impotence or ED.


Most men will experience the inability to obtain or keep an erection at some point in their lives. Factors such as blood circulation, nerve health, and psychological health are key factors in most problems related to erectile dysfunction. And overindulging in alcohol can exacerbate, if not trigger, such erectile issues.

Excessive alcohol consumption may also lead to an inability to feel sexual pleasure by messing with the signals transmitted between the brain and the sexual organs. This might then lead to difficulties in ejaculation (or ejaculating too quickly).  Worse, chronic alcohol use decreases libido because it may reduce testosterone levels — which might lead to testicular shrinkage, apart from problems infertility, particularly in sperm production.Our best advice for men who want to perform better in the sack? Avoid drinking alcohol before doing the deed — you just might see the difference.

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