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What Women Want in a Man: Personality Traits

by Grace Sianna
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As previously stated, I will be supplying the men of the world with a guide to What Women Want in a Man. The last article focused on Character Traits; But this article will focus on Personality Traits.

Don’t worry fellas, this may seem like a lecture, but I assure you it’s not. I’m just trying to help all of you out, so you can understand women just a little bit better.

I mean, I get it. I’m a woman and I know I’m complicated. But if you know all the ins and outs of what women really desire in their ideal man, you’ll finally get it. Now, this isn’t some spiel about how to change you or how to control you, I don’t want to do that to you. But, what I do want to do is educate you on the attributes women may have on their ‘Top 10’ lists.

Let me clarify a bit more: All women have a ‘Top 10’ list, whether they want to admit it or not. This list contains the most valued traits a woman would like to find in her future husband. Now, you are most definitely not going to have all of these. Hell, you may not even have half of these. And as previously stated, every woman does not want all of these, this is just a guide to some of the traits she may want. So, don’t take this guide too literal; Just be an overall good guy and make sure you can check some of these attributes off (that is if you actually have them).

I told you guys previously how women are probably over their bad boy stages at this point; However, that doesn’t mean they want perfection (because then they’ll try to find something wrong with you).

Anyways, enough of the blabber talk. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the personality traits women find most attractive in a man.

  1. Sense of Humor

man using quick wit to make woman laughWhen was the last time you went to watch a romantic comedy with a woman and she didn’t laugh at least a dozen times? Exactly. And why’s this? Because women genuinely enjoy good laughter. It releases stress, it makes them feel comfortable, and it gets them ‘going.’

A sense of humor isn’t found in all men, so don’t feel bad if you can’t muster up one. But, if a guy knows how to get a woman in a good mood through laughter, they’ve got the golden ticket. Women are less shy around a guy that can make them smile and laugh, too.

Bonus: If a guy can laugh about all the struggles surrounding him in life, and take each struggle day by day, chances are the woman in his life will appreciate him more for it. Tensions are not high in these cases.

  1. Intelligence

I’m not saying you have to have the smartest brain in all the world, but you do have to have some intelligence to turn a woman on.

This can mean a man who is intelligent in his career, a man who is intelligent with worldly matters, or a man who is intelligent with family and relationship issues. Those are just some examples. And, if a man is smart in all of these areas, all other men should watch out.

Two additional tips: If you know how to problem solve, and you know how to problem solve good, chances are a woman will feel more comfortable and safe with you. Also, if you continue to educate yourself as much as possible, you’ll prove to the ladies that you’re not boring and you’re willing to expand your horizon (or your brain, whichever makes the most sense).

  1. Passion

Men have to have passion for women to be attracted to them (or at least myself and dozens of other women think so). Not all women are hardwired this way, but trust me, this is a great characteristic to have.

Now, when I say passion, I mean passion. You have to show your lady that you want her and only her; You have to show her that she is the sexiest woman ever. Go up to her in public, grab her waist, and plant one on her. She will absolutely love it. In fact, the reason women love passion so much is that they’d never expect it from a guy. Generally speaking, the woman in the relationship is prone to providing all of the passion; If you flip the roles, your lady will go crazy (good crazy).

But this category doesn’t mean to only be passionate with her. Be passionate about life in general; If you like working out, work out. If you like cooking, cook. If you like taking care of the dog, take care of the dog. I could quite literally go on and on. Just show some passion in your life, she’ll admire you for it.

Hint: Such passion shows you care deeply about something other than yourself.

  1. Confidence

confident suave man reapsYou have to be confident. But don’t be over confident, as that may come off as unattractive versus sexy.

However, if you’re confident enough in your own skin, you’ll in turn make her feel confident in her own skin. By being able to handle people and situations that may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar, you’re showing your lady that she can do the same.

Have no fear, confidence is here.

  1. Generosity

Generosity can be displayed in more than one way.

For example, pay for drinks or dinner if it’s a first date. You’ll show her that you don’t mind because you’ve enjoyed your time with her. But that’s just a cliché.

Sit down with her and have a great conversation; Lending an ear means a lot more to her than you think. Or, make sure you’re available to go to that family gathering or that work dinner; It’ll show that you don’t mind lending your time to her and making her feel special.

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