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What Women Want in a Man: Physical Attributes

by Grace Sianna
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Ah, last but not least, fellas.

I understand the title may seem shallow, but hear me out: People, both men and women, need to have a physical attraction in order to maintain and carry out a relationship. I mean, you can’t just date a woman with the best personality ever if you’re absolutely not attracted to her, right? Right. Unfortunately, some of you may state that you’d use the suggestion of putting a bag over her head, but that’s a no-no! Don’t do that. Just make sure you factor in looks before dating a woman or starting a relationship with a woman.

Well, the same goes for us women. We want physical attributes that we find attractive on our guy. And I know that most of the time this is hardly controllable, but you might as well know and understand them ahead of time. (Plus, some of them can be controlled, so there is still hope).

Now let’s get into my final advice on “What Women Want in a Man.”

Enjoy guys.


Your sense of style is actually really important to us ladies. Why? Because what you where and how you dress reflects on us. If you’re sporting baggy, ripped pants with a shirt that almost touches your knees, chances are we classy ladies don’t want to be around you. However, if you’re wearing a nicely fit shirt with appropriate jeans that fit the right way around your waist (and that aren’t showing off your underwear), we’ll be proud.

Tip: If you occasionally dress up with a button-down and tie, we’ll get weak-kneed.

And, if you know how to dress appropriately, and understand how to match prints and patterns together, she’ll notice. It’s likely that if you know how to do this, you’ll notice when she’s sporting a great sense of style, too.

Another tip: Wear fabrics that will feel nice to the touch. For example, pick up a few cashmere shirts, or go for the suede fabric. She’ll love this!

Handsome Face

strong man carries woman on his backThis ties back in with the shallow reasoning: We want to be attracted to you.

But, what makes us attracted to you? Attributes like a broad chin, high cheekbones, and big eyes are guaranteed to have us pining over you. Now, I understand that this cannot be helped entirely in all cases, but it can be improved.

Try smiling a little bit more. Also, when it comes time to shaving, make sure you trim the right way, or make sure you line up your side burns just right. These two tips will enhance your looks more than you’d think.


Yet another aspect that you can’t really alter is your height. But the stereotype remains: a man that is tall, dark, and handsome fits the attraction bill.

Why is this cliché still in place? Because women like to feel smaller than their men. Now don’t get all self-conscious and what not. As long as you’re a few inches taller than her, she’ll be happy. In other words, you don’t have to be the same height as Kobe Bryant.


Those muscles do make us women weak. But this isn’t always the case.

Yes, women love looking at, and feeling, a man with muscular arms, a muscular chest, and even a muscular butt. This isn’t always their number one priority, but it doesn’t hurt to work out a few extra days a week to gain that luxurious muscle mass.

woman touching man's muscular bodySo, what do muscles do for women? They ensure that you’re strong and can support her in certain situations. Such situations may entail that the two of you win at a game of chicken in the pool, or it may entail that you can carry in all the groceries for her.

Just keep in mind that your overall appearance means a lot more to her than your muscle mass.


Muscle mass may mean something to some women, and it may mean nothing to other women. However, fitness does matter.

Being able to physically be in shape, and being able to maintain a sense of routine when it comes to fitness, is a huge turn on for women, and a great trait to have. Doing so will prove to your lady that you have self-discipline and that you are in control of your body.

Hint: Keeping up with fitness will also assure her that you can keep up with her in between the sheets as well as outside of the bedroom.

After learning all that you’ve learnt, how do you feel?


Now that you know all twenty traits, from character traits to personality traits, and from practical skills to physical attributes, you are able to understand women a little bit better (or so I hope).

Listen, women aren’t all that bad. As long as you put in a conscious effort to get to know her, and to get to know what traits and characteristics are important to her in her ‘Prince Charming,’ you’ll be off to a good start.

And don’t fake it. Faking it will assure her of nothing, and will honestly get her aggravated with you (which is never a good thing. Remember: fighting equals no sex).

So, brush up on your knowledge over a nice cold beer and make sure you have it all engrained in your brain. Hell, your buddies might even be questioning why your relationship is going so well, or why you seem to get all the attention from the ladies, after thoroughly reading my “What Women Want in a Man” articles.

Spread the word. Allow all men to finally know what it takes to make a woman fall head over heals for you. And have fun with it!

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