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What Women Want in a Man: Practical Skills

by Grace Sianna
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I know. You must be wondering, “When is this lady going to stop? How many traits do women really want in a man?”

Well, as I explained before, each woman is going to be different. You can’t think that each and every woman on the face of the Earth is going to want all five character traits and all five personality traits and all five of the upcoming practical skills and so on and so forth. That’s not the case.

What the case is is that each woman will devise up her own set of traits, or ‘Top 10,’ as I’ve previously stated. Some women may be easier; They may want only five traits. Some women may be harder; They may want approximately fifteen traits. It will always vary.

But let’s continue with our little lesson on “What Women Want in a Man.”

It’s time to tackle the practical skills, gentlemen. Are you ready?


First off, you should want to listen. Or, you should pretend you want to listen. Not hearing and contributing to what your lady has to say is a bad idea. Fights will ensue, arguments will grow, you’ll end up on the couch, and no sex will be had for you. Just listen.

Plus, if you just open those stubborn ears of yours, your woman will feel more safe and secure with you. I know, this may not make sense to you, but then again, you’re not a woman. Trust me. Allowing her to talk to you about her secrets, or allowing her to talk to you about her day, or even allowing her to talk just to talk, will indeed get her feeling safer around you. The more you know her, the less insecure she’ll be, and the less scared she’ll be of you hurting her one day (cause chances are, if you listened, you’ll know how she’s dealt with being hurt in the past).

For bonus points: When she says she wants to talk, put the phone away immediately. She will adore you for this.


man romancing his womanWomen need to be romanced once in a while. Okay, so when I say once in a while I really mean all the time. They love it, it keeps them happy. Yes, romance may not be logical, and her desire to have it in your relationship may stem from a romantic comedy, or a story like Romeo and Juliet. But, just do it, because a happy girlfriend or wife equals a happy boyfriend or husband, right? Right.

Plus, romancing your lady will show your softer and more vulnerable side; Women feed off this!

Providing Great Sex

Isn’t this a given guys? Women love a man who is great in the sack. However, your definition of great sex and our definition of great sex is very different.

For you, it’s typically all about ejaculating. But, your orgasms are so quick. And, your orgasms can be achieved rather fast, specifically considering thrusting for a few minutes will get you there.

For us women, however, it takes a little bit more effort. All we care about is being able to orgasm, and trust me when I say, it doesn’t happen every time to us like it does to you. So take care of us. Make sure we can climax before you do, because then you can have your way with us.

Cook and Clean

more energy lets man cook for wifeA woman loves when she is not portrayed to be the housewife. A woman also loves when her man puts in a little extra effort around the apartment or the house. Cooking and cleaning is not fun if we have to do it every single day.

Instead, pick up a cookbook and learn one of her favorite recipes. It may not be the best, but a little effort goes a long way. And, if you already know how to cook, and you know how to cook good, this should be super easy for you. Help her out a few times a week so she doesn’t have to have all the pressure on her. And, while you’re at it, do a few simple chores around the place; She’ll appreciate it a lot more than you think.

Show Potential

That’s right, guys. Show that you have a lot of future potential.

Being able to prove to your lady that you have a great future planned out, or that you have potential for growth in your job or education will inspire her. Proving this to her will enhance your sexiness, too, believe it or not.

If you’ve shown her true talent, or if you’ve shown her completed goals, she’ll understand that you’re going to be a good provider for your wife and kids one day. This will also inspire confidence in her to broadcast her talents and complete her valued goals. If the two of you share the same mind set when it comes to potential, you’ll be able to prosper tenfold.

Now, after this ‘Practical Skills’ segment, there’s only one more article to educate you men on what the women of the world want.

Forewarning, you men don’t have to change yourselves to be the perfect Prince Charming; I’m not trying to make you think you need all of these traits, and I’m not trying to misinform you in any way. Just see what traits you have and try to enhance them and make them more vibrant. The right woman for you will come along and you both will click instantly (I know it sounds like I’m promoting a fairytale, I apologize for that). I’m simply trying to help you guys in the dating world, or help you guys with the lady you already have. With these segments, you’ll be able to grow and prosper with the traits you already have within you.

Stay tuned for the last article!

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