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Xtreme Nitro – Is it reliable?

Seeking out a supplement to help you bulk out and gain muscle can be quite tricky if you are not…

Seeking out a supplement to help you bulk out and gain muscle can be quite tricky if you are not 100% sure exactly what it is you are looking for. There are hundreds of ingredients that can leave you confused and exhausted when you come to trying to understand the label to see if the product actually performs they way in which it claims.

We understand this dilemma and by creating reviews that entwine our knowledge of ingredients, natural herbs and their effects – we guarantee to make you life easier and guide you into finding the perfect enhancement that will assist you accomplish your physique goals.

No need to hurt your head trying to research everything that is on the label! Let us do that for you . . .

The product

The supplement Xtreme Nitro states that is an ‘Advanced Bodybuilding Agent’ and promises a variety of results. Benefits include: fat loss, energy and strength gain, extra muscle pumps and improved libido!

By supplying nitric oxide to the body you will be sure to receive leaner and fuller muscles in no time. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels to allow a better blood flow. It also helps to ensure you have a fast workout recovery.


extreme nitro-ingredients-green teaA combination of Green tea extract, L-arginine, Chromium and Yohimbe means that the body will be able to convert these precursors into the nitric oxide gas it so requires. Once this is received the metabolism will improve and reduce body fat.

The natural herbs L-arginine and Yohimbe are great for boosting the sex drive and all around the globe indigenous people have use these extracts for this exact reason. However, it has been reported that Yohimbe can cause uncomfortable side effects like nausea.


$74.95 for a bottle is a little pricy when buying supplements. The company do, however, kindly offer a free trial to allow you to try the product first.


extreme nitro-conclusion-nauseaThere happens to be serious lacks of information if you were try and search for this product online. Because when I started to research this brand I was unable to find accurate facts, I started to become concerned. Even more alarming, I saw a mixed response of opinions, and people who said that they whole deal was a scam (they had problems with the free trial). It didn’t take long for me to decide to opt for something else.

I had already come to this decision when I discovered that the ingredients contained Yohimbe – which could cause side effects that I did not wish to risk.

At $59.95 you can purchase a male enhancement that is also proven to increase the size of your penis, as well as boost your sex drive. Biomanix is the leading brand for supplements on the market of today and has outstanding results!

However, when it comes down to building bigger muscles then I would suggest Nitro Genix 365 which is a generous price of $19.95 and works like no other muscle building supplement!