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Yoga Poses Do Improve Sex Life

by Grace Sianna
Sexual yoga. Partners posing close to each other

Yoga is a beloved exercise, that women specifically, enjoy partaking in. However, did you know that yoga can help with more than just breathing, meditation, relaxation, and posture control? Believe it or not, yoga improves men and women’s sex lives, so why not try it?

Here are some of the aspects yoga can affect in each person’s sex life:

  • Yoga can prolong ejaculation if practiced more than an hour per day
  • Yoga can improve sexual performance if practiced more than an hour per day
  • Some yoga poses can strengthen kegel muscles, also known as the muscles that are present in the pelvic floor, found in both men and women
  • Yoga can increase testosterone levels
  • Yoga can enhance male libido

So, if you’d like to have all of these positive effects weigh in on your life, get your ass to a yoga class with your partner. The two of you will learn how to be more flexible together in the bedroom as well as adopt some of the above aspects.

Check out some great yoga poses below to get you on your way to an arousal heaven.

Spinal Flexion/Extension

yoga class, spine extension, stretchMany yoga experts classify this position as the cat and cow pose. Movements involved in this pose actually increases blood flow to the pelvis and hip areas. In turn, such movements strengthen the muscles surrounding your pelvis, hip, and genital areas. As a result, this position helps men and women function better sexually and increase their performance.

To get into this position, have your hands, knees, and dorsal side of your feet touch the ground. This will look as if you’re pretending to be a cat. While in this pose, press your hands into the ground and allow your back to become rounded in an upward fashion. Then, move into the cow portion of the pose by bringing the pelvis forward a little bit and allowing the belly to act as if it were dropping towards the ground. Repeat this position ten times then relax.


The cobra position specifically enhances posture and allows for a better spinal shape to come into existence. Along with this benefit, the cobra also allows for a strong core to anyone that constantly practices the pose. With a strong core, men and women are able to thrust with their pelvis more steadily and in whatever way they’d like; In other words, having the cobra in your life on a daily basis will allow for almost full control over your pelvis during sex and during normal everyday activities. This, in turn, can allow for an enhanced sex life by allowing for a better performance.

To get into this position, lie on your stomach. Then, lift yourself up and place your hands a little ways above your hips, directly lined up with that of your shoulders. Make sure your elbows point backwards towards your feet, and make sure that they’re close to your sides. Then, spread your fingers a little wide, and relax your hands. At this point, you should be rotating your thighs inward so that the dorsal side of your feet is almost completely touching the floor. Squeeze as much of your lower body towards each other as you can. This should include your toes, ankles, knees, and thighs.

Finally, push your pelvis towards the floor. Remember to breathe while doing this. This allows for your spine to be lengthened. Pull each shoulder blade in a downward fashion, and try your best to press them inwards as well. Use your hands to pull yourself forward and upward. Try and hold this for 30 to 120 seconds, then relax. Check out some pictures if the position seems a little too confusing.

Boat Pose

woman doing yoga, stretch, balanceMost yoga starters end up trying this position first. The boat pose is known for allowing improvement among pelvic muscles.

To get into this position, first you have to sit on the floor. Then, bend your knees so that your feet are placed flat on the floor. Position your heels so that they are 1.5 to 2 feet away from the hips. Place your hands around your knees, as if to balance yourself, and sit with as straight of a posture as possible. Lean back a little bit, but be sure to maintain your balance.

Then, keep your entire upper body as still as possible. Squeeze your hip and abdominal muscles toward one another to allow your core to take action in the position. Slowly release your hands from your knees and move your arms forward and upward from your knees. Next, slowly lift your feet from the ground and make sure to straighten your legs as lengthy as you can. Hold this pose, make sure to inhale and exhale throughout the exercise. This position should be held for approximately 30 to 90 seconds. Then, relax.

Locust Pose

This position mainly focuses on toning all limbs. This pose also contributes to better respiration and increased stamina levels. In turn, this exercise will additionally stretch the pelvis out for a better performance sex life. How does it do such a thing? Well, by putting pressure on the genital area while incorporating abdominal and core engagement.

To get into this position, first lie on your stomach. Place your arms, palm facing downward, at the sides of your body. Straighten your legs. Be sure to rotate your thighs in so that your dorsal side of your feet can completely touch the floor.

Then, lift your legs slightly off the ground. Make sure you’re breathing while following through with this action of the position. Then, lift your arms and chest upward from the floor. Squeeze your thighs to make sure your knees are in a locked type of position. Stretch your toes away from your body as much as you can. This makes your legs look longer than they actually are. Finally, squeeze your arms towards your body. This action allows for the mid-back and chest to have a part in the exercise.

Hold this position for approximately 30 to 60 seconds, but be sure to inhale and exhale throughout. Breathing will allow for better stretches. Then, relax.

If you don’t believe that these poses will increase your sex life, try them out, and see the results for yourself.

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