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Your Lower Back Health is in Danger: Fix Your Habits Now! 

by Jonathan Gravel

Lower back pain is perhaps the most widely experienced form of back pain by people in America, and it’s not just because a large percentage of the population is overweight. While weight does play a role in how your back feels, it’s also your daily life that is affecting your back health.

Since lower back health is the biggest complaint among men and women, we’re going to go over what causes it what you can to fix it so it doesn’t bother you every single day.

Lower Back Pain is Usually Caused By Large Amount of Sitting Time

Most people have jobs that require sitting for most of the day. But on top of this, most of these people are sitting on chairs that aren’t ergonomic whatsoever, and this is the leading cause for back pain.

Sitting on a hard chair that isn’t meant for back health will really kill your back, and if you’re doing it every single day, you’ll never be able to fix the problem.

The problem is that you’re causing supreme stress and pressure on your lower back, causing it to sit on itself, essentially. When you’re doing it every day, the lubrication between each of your vertebrae is not strong enough to deal with suppressing pressure.

When you sleep, you lose some of this compression, but not nearly enough to make you feel better.

What You Can Do About it

Well, for one, you need to buy a chair that actually provides good support for your back, as well as gives you enough padding where you’re sitting on hard plastic for 8 hours. This will help you immensely. If your employer is too cheap to buy you one, you should just buy one yourself.

Your health is more important than money.

Next, try decompression techniques to get rid of the pressure on your lower spine. This can include hanging from something in a pull-up formation for a few minutes. This hanging lets gravity take over, and it’ll decompress your spine and make you feel much better.

You can really do this anywhere.

Next, you could try lower back exercises to help you out. Try hugging your knees when sitting on the floor, and then roll backwards. This exercise will stretch your back out, and also provide some decompression.

You can also try sitting on the couch on your back, and then wiggle your lower half back and forth. All of this will provide much relief to your back.

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